Eco-friendly Green Cleaning

Green is clean. Clean is serene
We clean New York

Green is Clean. Clean is Serene


We service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and some areas in New Jersey 


Residential Cleaning clears negative energy from your home. You want to invite cleaners in your home that understand this. Moving furniture, cleaning corners and rearranging your home once in a while brings positive energy in your home.  A clean home and positive energy will promote good health and good interaction within one's personal and professional life.

Questions and answers

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you? 

A:  A provider should have a list of questions in regards to the condition of your apartment. It is important to know your client base, therefore, understanding the reason the client decide to hire a cleaning company. The cost should never be the first aim of discussion. It should be about making sure there is a an understanding of what the client want to get done.

Q: When is it best to use Eco-friendly products?

A: Eco-friendly products are best when the environment are kept in a good and clean condition. If your kitchen and bathroom have grime, dirt build-up and gray or black stains from not cleaning for a long time it is best to use some form of bleaching agent to remove the bacteria.

We do have Comet or a bleaching agent with less scent that is suitable to get the best result. 

Q. What important information should clients thought through before seeking you out? 

A:  Clients should always have an idea of what he or she wants to get done. It is important to have a list and we will help you make the final decision

Q.Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A:  We are detail orientated and passionate about what we do. All the staff are trained by Mandy's technique and therefore all work in a unison manner. Clients can expect outstanding work from every member on the team. The clients can email or call for question  as we develop a personal client relationship with each and everyone who wish to do so. We get to know all clients and understand what their cleaning needs are and make sure we fulfill that need. This is not a corporate company, therefore, we strive to learn our clients by name and create a personal communication bond with them.

Q. An empty house should take less time right?!

A. No. We understand that in a logical thought process it would seem as if an empty house would take less time. Nevertheless, in most cases it take more time. The reason is, the most important areas of the house such as inside fridge, inside stove/oven and inside kitchen cupboards do take time to clean. Additionally, every minute detail area need to be wash, clean and polish or shine. Further, the bathroom will need a thorough cleaning, including a wall tiling from ceiling to floors and if it is more than one bathrooms the time is necessary. Similarly, Every bedroom closet and windows inside/out need washing and drying including baseboards and all the floors. At times kitchen have not been cleaned for a long time and need to be scrubbed more than once. Move-out or Move-in is detail work

Q.What do you like most about your job?

A.  It is always great to see an apartment go from cluttered and dusty to neat, organize and looking great and smelling fresh from the green cleaning products just like a topnotch apartment

Q. What question do most customer commonly ask?

A.  The most popular concern is how to keep the apartment looking great until the next cleaning.

It is always important to put away clothes, reload dishwasher each day or hand-wash dishes, clean stove and counter tops after preparing each meal and keep stuff organize. Making the bed in the mornings really gives the appearance as if the apartment is clean 

Do you carry insurance for damage?

Yes we do. While every effort is made to use great care in your home, sometimes accidents do happen. Our cleaners are trained to immediately notify our office (and you) if something is broken or damaged so that we can handle the situation as soon as possible. If we should break or damage something, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or if necessary it will be replaced. 

Are You Bonded For Theft?

Yes we are, although, insurance that covers theft only pays upon conviction of the accused. Fortunately, when you only send one person into a home to clean there is only one person to blame should a theft occur. The housekeepers know that if something were to come up missing, they would be the first person blamed. Because of this, the housekeepers have always been very cautious to make sure that nothing is moved or misplaced. 

Do we send a group of cleaners? And do you always get the same cleaner?

No. It is depending on the job. Residential house cleaning can be one or more cleaners. If it is a deep-cleaning, after construction or commercial cleaning we may send two  or a group of cleaners. If for any reason we send two cleaners on a hourly rate job, say for instance, a three hours job, that three hours will become one and a half hours.

We do simple decorating. Therefore, if a client wants a fresh look which always enhances the beauty and comfort of the home; the company provides this service at a cheaper rate than an interior decorating service provider.

All cleaners have at least two weeks of training with the company and use the same method of cleaning. Therefore, all cleaners works the same so you can be assured you will get a good cleaning at all time. The same cleaner can be available for the next visit.

Nevertheless, due to scheduling conflict, the initial cleaner may be on another job or off that day. We will inform you if the initial cleaner won't be available.